Build Your Author Platform and 3-year Plan

Now including

We’ll cover the designs, marketing components, and even landing pages, so you can get back to doing what you love most:
writing books & impacting lives.

What You Get 

DOne for you services

Our team will take care of these services for you, so you don’t have to waste a ton of time figuring it out for yourself!

1-on-1 Coaching

A 50-minute book strategy call with your personal coach to kick off the process, followed by one 50-minute coaching call per month to hold you accountable, cut through roadblocks, and work toward progress.

Implementation Times

Monthly 2-hour focused implementation time on a single milestone guided by an expert in that area to help you make real progress, solve bottlenecks, and move your goals forward, quickly.


Quarterly workshops that are only for AAA members to dive deep, get your questions answered, and enter the next phase of your goals and journey.


  • Weekly Coaching call with Chandler Bolt and Sean Sumner where AAA members get direct Q&A feedback.

  • Weekly group coaching calls available many days of the week to get your questions answered in real time.

Who is AAA for?

This is for you if…

You have big goals and ambitions and just need some help to make it happen

You want to build a full-time income as an author or build a business from your books

You want to know how it all works, but don’t necessarily want to do all of it by yourself

Your time is more valuable than money

Then this path may be just the right thing for you.


What people are saying

I am fast approaching 5000 copies sold of my first book within one year of publishing.

This would not have been possible without SPS! Writing was the easy part for me, but there is so much more to publishing and becoming a bestseller. SPS provided a step-by-step system and coaching expertise to back it up. The SPS author community is a tremendous asset and resource paving the way for future authors to realize their dreams.

Nancy Miggins

My time with Author Advantage Accelerator has been priceless.

The coaching I received and the relationships
I built were absolutely first rate. The camaraderie and support allowed me to raise my game exponentially. I achieved so much more, not only in the books that I published, but also in the revenue I drove to my business. If you’re considering this program I would say do not hesitate!

You won’t be disappointed.


So often, we hear you say that you want more when it comes to your books:

More time to write that next book that’s been hammering on the inside of your mind, seeking a way out

More email subscribers to your fanbase to sell the next book to, and the one after that

More social media content to support your marketing efforts to speak to your avatar and sell more books

More coaching to get your very unique and specific questions answered by an expert

All so you can get back to focusing on what you truly love, which is books—writing them, the impact they create for other people, the hope they give people who read them, the joy you feel having fulfilled a dream you can hold in your hands.

We want to give you MORE of exactly that.

When it comes to your dream, you want to put it in the hands of someone who knows what they’re doing and can coach you to the level we know you’re capable of reaching.

Because we’ve seen what can happen when you let us guide the way, just like Nancy Miggins.

“I am fast approaching 5000 copies sold of my first book within one year of publishing. Writing was the easy part for me, but there is so much more to publishing and becoming a bestseller. SPS provided a step-by-step system and coaching expertise to back it up.


Here at Self-Publishing School, we have a team full of experts in their fields that have helped grow this company from $0 to over $20 Million in revenue in only 7 years. 

And we’re unleashing their genius to work with YOU to accomplish your own growth goals. 

Because at the end of the day, the only thing standing in the way of a full-time author income or a business on the back of your books is understanding the mechanisms to market and sell—which we do better than anyone else. 

Author Advantage Accelerator was made for you: a big dreamer ready to make it real.
Schedule a call above to learn more.

What All of This is Worth

Bonuses | AAL Weekend ONLY

What You’ll Pay for It





Total savings of $4,000
by paying in full this weekend.




Monthly Payments.
Total payment of $20,000.

BUT wait! Great News!

If you’re already a member of Become a Bestseller, Fundamentals of Fiction, Children’s Book SchoolSell More Books, Full-Time Fiction, PR & Speaking, or Course Building for Authors, we’re hooking you up with a discount!





Total savings of $8,000
by paying in full this weekend.




Monthly Payments.
Total payment of $15,000.

If you have purchased multiple programs or want to continue your current Accelerator experience,

you qualify for an even larger discount! See a program specialist by scheduling a call right now:

Meet Your Educators

Bella Rose Pope

Lead Magnets, Landing Pages, Social Media

Ashton Scriven

Marketing Training & Author Branding

Aaron Schafer

Sales Training

Sara Glashagel

Sales Training

Brett Hilker

Business Building & Coach

Pedro Mattos


Rachael Williams

Done for You Services

Chandler Bolt

Business Building & Publishing

Ramy Vance

Career Author & Coach

Scott Allan

Career Author & Coach

Ellaine Ursuy

Children’s Books & Coach

Omer Redden

Project Manager & Product Creation

Michael Lachance

Community & Student Success

Ben Hoppe

Community & Student Success

Jordyn Feyen

Community & Student Success

Sean Sumner

Community & Student Success

Frequently Asked Questions About
Author Advantage ACCELERATOR

What if I already have a book published and don't want to write another?

How is your book currently selling? All of the features will still apply to you, and the done for you services can be used to redesign your cover and re-launch your book to get more reviews, rank higher in the Amazon store, and sell more to reach your goals! 

Can I switch from a payment plan to pay in full when I have the ability to do so?

As long as you pay in full by the end of September, we can switch you over.

What are the benefits to joining ?

12 one on one coaching sessions, a huge array of done for you services, quarterly workshops, monthly “get stuff done” implementation times and “hackathons”, unlimited access to all SPS courses and weekly group coaching calls.

What are the In-Person/Virtual Program dates?

Workshop #1: October 9th 2021
Workshop #2: January 15th 2022
Workshop #3: May 14th 2022
Workshop #4: August 13th 2022

What if I can not attend the dates of the workshops?

While workshops/retreats are important, they are just one benefit; this program is a year-long immersion. We also record all of our workshops for AAA team members for this exact reason, so you will be able to watch.

When does the program begin?

We’ll be having a welcome Celebration on DAY 3 of Author Advantage Live (8/21/21) for any AAA members! The program starts here with a welcome celebration so you can meet the team and the community — and you don’t lose momentum! Shorty after AAL, you’ll receive communication about scheduling your first coaching call and done for you service needs.

When does the offer for Author Advantage Accelerator end?

This offer will only be available through the end of Author Advantage Live 2021 (August 21st – end of the day). We have limited spaces in this Accelerator program and need to begin scheduling out strategy sessions and fulfillment timelines for book covers, landing pages, social media, and other done-for-you services.

What is the refund policy?

We have a 14 day refund policy.

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