Take the next step in your author career and learn how to scale your book sales with the most up-to-date book marketing methods of 2021 that will empower you to harness your Author Advantage and build the author career you truly desire.










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This Year’s Author Advantage Live
Is For You If…

You have always wanted to write books for a living but have had no idea where to start or how to grow your income.

You’ve published a single book and initial sales have tanked but you’re not sure why or how to move toward consistent book sales.

You have always felt like the timing is never “quite right” to take the leap to full-time author (spoiler: it may never “feel” right, but we can get you there without taking years to do it!)

You’ve always lacked the community and network to truly aid in your journey from one book to several successfully published books.

You have all the ideas for books and series but aren’t sure how to take those ideas and create reliable habits for publishing and scaling them all.

You love to write but are clueless when it comes to marketing your books for consistent and reliable book sales.

You’re ready to pour into yourself and your dreams to build the life you’ve always wanted.

At this year’s Author Advantage Live Virtual Experience,
you’ll learn all of that, and more.

Take the NEXT STEP
for Your Author Career

What You’ll Learn at This Year’s Author Advantage Live:



11am – 7pm EST

Day 1 is all about Building Your Brand & learning how to go from a single-book author to creating a Book Brand that sells more and showcases who YOU are. We’ll have speakers present on exactly how to do that with details, examples, and how you can implement it for yourself.


11am – 9pm EST

Day 2 is where we really go into details about the book marketing process, more specifically how you can Grow Your Reach to find new book buyers for your unique book. Come ready to take on social media, collaborative marketing, author PR, and even more.


11am – 6pm EST

The last day of Author Advantage Live is where it all comes together for you to Take The Next Step with your books and learn how to Scale Your Income so you can live full-time from your books! This day will cover goal setting, creating a community of fans, and more.

 What You’ll Need: Since this is a LIVE Virtual Experience, you’ll need 3 days of uninterrupted time at home to learn, take notes, and a good internet connection for the times listed above. This is held over Zoom video, so get ready to meet & engage with other authors like you from all over the world!

This Year’s
Expert Presenters

Chandler Bolt is the Founder & CEO of Self-Publishing School & SelfPublishing.com, and the author of 6 bestselling books including his most recent book titled “Published.”. Self Publishing School is an INC 5000 company the last 3 years in a row as one of the 5,000 fastest-growing private companies in the US.

Ramy Vance is the head fiction coach at Self-Publishing School. Over the last six years, he has helped over 500 budding authors write and publish their first book. He currently lives in Edinburgh with his wife, demonic baby, monstrous 5-year old and imaginary dog. Terrified, he pretty much sits in his office and writes.

Omer started as employee #1 at Self-Publishing School and has done a little bit of everything to help the company grow over the last six years. Legend has it that he’s part investment banker, part coffee shop barista, part hippie, part philosopher and sage. He lives in Wyoming with his wife, three kids, and three dogs, plus a growing mini-farm of chickens, goats, etc. You can find out more about him and his work at omerdylanredden.com.

Bella is the Content Manager at Self-Publishing School where her main focus is serving aspiring authors with the tools and resources to write, market, and publish their books successfully through blog posts, Youtube videos, social media, video trainings, and more.

After more than a decade leading marketing teams and strategies, Ashton has discovered one simple truth: marketing is about delivering hope. At Self-Publishing School she leads a team of talented marketers to create the best content on the internet and deliver that hope to aspiring authors.

Aaron Schafer is a blogger, podcaster, and Best Selling author of “The Politically Homeless Christian”. Aaron’s book was the #1 Best Seller in Christian Leadership, Christianity & Psychology, Social Policy, and more. In the very first month after launch Aaron was asked to appear on the Christian Television Network, iHeart Radio, Family Life Radio, four faith based podcasts, and at one mega church.

Pedro Mattos is the head of business development at Self Publishing School where he creates partnerships that help spread the message of our company. He’s also the author of I Wish Everyone Was an Immigrant where he describes the journey of being an immigrant in the United States.

Rachael is a Student Success Representative at Self-Publishing School where her main focus is helping aspiring authors get results with their book and/or business. She’s also the author of I Am: How to Boldly Walk in Your True Identity and Live the Life You Were Made For, where she empowers people to discover their true purpose and create a life that they love!

A former SPS student, Sean is now the manager for the SPS Mastermind Community and has helped to grow it to be the one of the premiere online author groups connecting authors all over the world.  Outside of SPS he works for UC Davis Health managing and growing all of their outpatient rehab services.










Prices will NEVER be this low again for Author Advantage Live 2021.
Grab your ticket today!

Who is Author Advantage Live
Best for This Year?

Published Authors Who Want to Sell More

Have you published a single book and are looking to grow consistent monthly sales for additional passive income? Then this year’s live experience is for you!

Nonfiction Authors Who Want to Create a Career With Books

If you write nonfiction and want to learn how to become a successful multi-book author writing full-time and living off your work, this is for you!

Fiction Authors Who Want to Write Full-Time

Are you a fiction author who wants to do nothing more than write and publish books full-time while building a platform of raving fans? You’re a perfect fit for this year’s experience!

Comments From Last Year’s
Author Advantage Live Virtual Experience!

Hear What Our Authors
Have to Say For Themselves…

Frequently Asked Questions About
Author Advantage Live

When is Author Advantage Live 2021?

Thursday August 19th – Saturday August 21st 2021

Where will this year's Author Advantage Live be held?

Just like last year, Author Advantage Live 2021 will be a virtual experience held over Zoom with hundreds of authors from around the world connecting together in one place.

What will we learn?

Last year, we had topics ranging from launching your book, growing your author brand, selling more books, and expanding Beyond The Book with a business.

This year, we’re so excited for Author Advantage Live 2021 to be all about helping authors Take The Next Step by learning what it truly takes to explode your author career and consistently sell books to increase your income, expand your impact, and build the author career you’ve always wanted.

What is an "experience" vs an "event"?

At Author Advantage Live, it’s more than an event, it’s an experience, which last year’s attendees have defined as “inspirational”, “community”, “feel like I’m in the same room,” “breakout rooms to meet other authors”, and more!

We bring together authors from all over the world to meet, work together, connect, and support one another while experiencing the perks of a live event with speakers, the best quality content and information available for this industry right now, and a dedicated team of life-changers to ensure you have what you need every step of the way.

Ultimately, it can’t really be explained…you just have to experience it 😉

Is this for fiction or nonfiction?
This year’s event will be for both genres, with content, examples, and information that will serve the vast differences between them.
Do I have to attend all 3 days? What if I can only attend parts?

We always encourage authors to attend LIVE for the full benefits of Author Advantage Live, but we understand not everybody can make it. For those, we offer our VIP experience, which includes all recordings of all sessions delivered 30-60 days after the experience is over.

Can I bring a friend this year?

Yes! We always encourage authors to bring a friend with a Bring-A-Friend ticket. This is included FREE with a VIP Ticket to Author Advantage Live, but can also be purchased separately.

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